United Hospital Center Practices SHARE Approach

At United Hospital Center (UHC), we believe the relationship a patient has with their healthcare provider plays an important role in overall care. We encourage all of our patients to participate by asking questions and exploring treatment options. That is why UHC practices the SHARE Approach.

The SHARE Approach is a process of decision making between a patient and his or her healthcare provider. Whether it is providing answers or evaluating possible medications or procedures, the provider and the patient will work hand-in-hand to come to an agreement. The optimal decision takes into account evidence-based information about available options, the provider’s knowledge and experience, and the patient’s values and preferences.

With the SHARE APPROACH, the provider will be:

SHARE graphic

  1. Seeking participation.
  2. Helping you explore and compare treatment options.
  3. Assessing your values and preferences.
  4. Reaching a decision with you.
  5. Evaluating your decision.

Both patients and healthcare professionals can benefit from the SHARE Approach. Not only do providers improve the quality of care that is delivered and increase patient satisfaction, but a patient’s experience and adherence to treatment recommendations also improve. This approach builds a trusting and lasting relationship between the two.

To better implement the SHARE Approach, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) provides a collection of tools and training resources to support the shared decision making practices, such as webinars, workshop curriculum, and success stories.

  • Tools: a collection of reference guides, posters, and other resources.
  • Webinars: accredited webinars that review topics related to the implementation of patient-centered outcomes research in shared decision making.
  • Workshop Curriculum: collection of training guides, slides, videos, and other resources to support the training of healthcare professional on share decision making.
  • Success Stories: case studies that highlight stories of successes and best practices by describing the use and impact of the AHRQ’s SHARE Approach strategies and tools by health systems, clinicians, academicians, and other professionals.

For more information on the SHARE Approach, please visit www.ahrq.gov/shareddecisionmaking.

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